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I’m James Lacey. Crunchies Natural Food Company was one of my greatest business successes. In January 2005, I not co- founded the company, but I created a new snack food category in the process. Crunchies is a company that produces a wide variety of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks. Before the company existed, there was nothing quite like it in the snack food industry. Crunchies began as a small office-based company. Under my leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, our business team quickly grew the company into a major snack food player. Despite our humble origins and the economic recession in 2006-07, we were able to thrive, rapidly expanding our operations. Eventually, the company occupied a 17,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Westlake Village, California. By 2014, Nielson Research called our company the number one freeze-dried snack in the world as compared to six other competitors. As my company grew, we continued to develop new flavo…