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Healthy Ventures, Berry Sleepy/Awake Make Waves in 2018

Entrepreneur Jim Lacey is known for his innovation in consumer product development and marketing. His company, Healthy Ventures LLC, which makes the Berry Sleepy natural sleep aid and the Berry Awake energy shots, recently embarked on an expansion of the company’s marketing plan. As part of the marketing plan, which is estimated to cost $2.8 million, Healthy Ventures LLC and the Berry Sleepy/Awake product line has entered markets in the Middle East, particularly in the booming country of Dubai. In just three short years, the company’s products have seen dramatic increases in consumer sales, both in Dubai and in markets in the United States and Canada. Another part of the marketing plan is exposure through television and trade show appearances. Kathy Ireland, host of “Modern Living with Kathy Ireland”, recently began working with Lacey’s team. In April, the company and its products began to appear on the show, which reaches an estimated 228 million households on a global scale. Kathy I…