I’m James Lacey. Crunchies Natural Food Company was one of my greatest business successes. In January 2005, I not co- founded the company, but I created a new snack food category in the process. Crunchies is a company that produces a wide variety of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks. Before the company existed, there was nothing quite like it in the snack food industry. Crunchies began as a small office-based company. Under my leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, our business team quickly grew the company into a major snack food player. Despite our humble origins and the economic recession in 2006-07, we were able to thrive, rapidly expanding our operations. Eventually, the company occupied a 17,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Westlake Village, California. By 2014, Nielson Research called our company the number one freeze-dried snack in the world as compared to six other competitors. As my company grew, we continued to develop new flavo…

Healthy Ventures, Berry Sleepy/Awake Make Waves in 2018

Entrepreneur Jim Lacey is known for his innovation in consumer product development and marketing. His company, Healthy Ventures LLC, which makes the Berry Sleepy natural sleep aid and the Berry Awake energy shots, recently embarked on an expansion of the company’s marketing plan. As part of the marketing plan, which is estimated to cost $2.8 million, Healthy Ventures LLC and the Berry Sleepy/Awake product line has entered markets in the Middle East, particularly in the booming country of Dubai. In just three short years, the company’s products have seen dramatic increases in consumer sales, both in Dubai and in markets in the United States and Canada. Another part of the marketing plan is exposure through television and trade show appearances. Kathy Ireland, host of “Modern Living with Kathy Ireland”, recently began working with Lacey’s team. In April, the company and its products began to appear on the show, which reaches an estimated 228 million households on a global scale. Kathy I…

James Lacey Turns a New Leaf

It has been a long, successful journey in the consumer goods market for Mr. James Lacey. He is excited to announce (SOON) some of his latest projects he has been working on, but that time will come.

"I'm excited to unleash some of these new products and brands," Lacey said in a recent interview.

"These products are going to excite the health freaks, the mothers on-the-go, and of course, ice cream lovers."

As most of you know, Jim recently rebranded Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake, a natural product for sleeping and waking up. He was interviewed by VegTV at Expo West and boosted the visibility of the product by tenfold.

Stay tuned here for the latest news from James, or visit his other blog for more information.